Local news from Maine to California says “Don’t worry, be happy;” Conan O’Brien noticed

The same health story that came across the wires in mid-January of this year brought an amazing kind of synergy between local newscasters and anchors across the nation. The writing staff at “Conan” noticed the fact that news broadcasts from coast to coast used the same┬áheadline “Don’t worry, be happy” — the 1988 acapella Bobby alg-conan-jpgMcFerrin hit, of course — to introduce the story. “Conan” staff compiled every mention of the phrase into one gigantic super cut. Maine’s own Andrew Schienthal and Kristin Hosfelt, anchors at ABC 7/Fox 22 in Bangor, were some of the more than 30 newscasters featured saying the same headline, some of whom even sing a few bars of the song. Schienthal and Hosfelt are at the 1:34 mark on the video.

Emily Burnham

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