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Here’s the first five official cast members playing the Loser’s Club in ‘IT: Chapter Two’

New Line Cinemas announced Wednesday evening that the first five of the seven total members of the adult version of the Loser’s Club have been cast for the sequel to “IT,” coming out in September 2019. Ladies and gentlemen, here’s your adult Loser’s Club! Jessica Chastain will play Beverly Marsh. This was actually announced a […]

Second title added to lineup of new Stephen King books this year: ‘Elevation’

Just a few weeks after announcing “The Outsider,” a new novel set for publication in May 2018, Stephen King has wasted no time in announcing another new release: “Elevation,” a novella. “Elevation” is due out in October, and according to publisher Simon & Schuster checks in at a tidy 144 pages, and is set in one […]