Take a trip into the past – what you can remember of it, that is – with these defunct Bangor bar coasters

Rick Haney, creator of the Ghosts of Bangor calendar depicting images of historic Bangor against modern-day Bangor, hasn’t stopped at simply selling the calendars. He’s expanded the offerings on his site, ghostsfobangor.com, to highlight some more recent parts of Bangor’s past: it’s once popular, but now closed, bars and taverns, via a series of ceramic […]

Old Town native filmmaker Aron Gaudet’s new movie, “Crook County,” to be produced by Adam McKay

Old Town native Aron Gaudet and his filmmaking partner and wife, Gita Pullapilly, are in the midst of readying¬†production on their third feature film, “Crook County.” It was announced last week that Adam McKay, director of the Oscar-winning film “The Big Short,” has signed on to executive produce the film with his Gary Sanchez Productions […]