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New film adaptation of Stephen King’s “It” reveals its redesigned Pennywise

Entertainment Weekly revealed on Tuesday morning the redesigned costume for Pennywise, the horrible inter-dimensional clown monster at the center of “It.” While most King fans are accustomed to Tim Curry’s creepy clown from the 1990 miniseries, director Andy Muschietti is taking a slightly different approach for the 2017 Pennywise, to be played by Bill Skarsgard. So… […]

17 times we fell in love with Stephen King’s corgi, Molly, aka The Thing of Evil

Stephen King: master of horror, internationally beloved novelist, proud resident of Bangor, Maine, and dog lover. Yes, dog lover. If you’ve paid attention to Sai King’s social media accounts over the past two years, you’ve undoubtedly seen pictures of Molly — a.k.a., The Thing of Evil, Stephen and Tabitha’s two-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Molly has been […]