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Review: AFRAID, “Sinister Vibes” (Portland, experimental electronic)


The first 45 seconds of the first track, “Riverbank Summer ’75,” off Portland trio AFRAID’s second proper album, “Sinister Vibes,” sounds as if it’s coming towards you slowly, like a train arriving at a station, before snapping into some reverb-drenched programmed drums and, eventually, layers of sound, from keyboards to sirens to singer Jakob Battick’s […]

Review: New split singles from Maine songwriters Jacob Augustine, Earth Person

augustine salvation

Jacob Augustine: “Salvation,” backed with “Glory, Glory” by Bad Braids Big things — rawness in experience, octave-hopping singing, complex emotional states — seem to interest Maine singer-songwriter-guitarist Jacob Augustine. If he’s seeking that kind of experience by using his voice, he pushes his vocals to their breaking point, from a whispered confession to a pained, wordless howl. […]