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Here’s the first five official cast members playing the Loser’s Club in ‘IT: Chapter Two’

New Line Cinemas announced Wednesday evening that the first five of the seven total members of the adult version of the Loser’s Club have been cast for the sequel to “IT,” coming out in September 2019. Ladies and gentlemen, here’s your adult Loser’s Club! Jessica Chastain will play Beverly Marsh. This was actually announced a […]

There’s another “IT” trailer, and, not surprisingly, it’s just as terrifying as the first one

Start your week off right with some terrifying psychological horror: the second trailer for the upcoming film adaptation of Stephen King’s “IT” just dropped. It further reveals more of Andres Muschietti’s vision of the Loser’s Club, the group of outcasts who end up fighting Pennywise, the earthly avatar of an immortal evil. We get a much […]

Old Town native filmmaker Aron Gaudet’s new movie, “Crook County,” to be produced by Adam McKay

Old Town native Aron Gaudet and his filmmaking partner and wife, Gita Pullapilly, are in the midst of readying production on their third feature film, “Crook County.” It was announced last week that Adam McKay, director of the Oscar-winning film “The Big Short,” has signed on to executive produce the film with his Gary Sanchez Productions […]

Hollywood’s “Black List” of new screenplays is out, and two Stephen King biopics are on it

The Hollywood Black List, a yearly list of the most well-liked unproduced original screenplays circulating among film executives, has just come out, and alongside searing romances, sweeping epics and plenty of science fiction head-scratchers, there are a number of biopics — including some about Bangor’s most famous son. No, it’s not Charles Rocket: It’s Stephen […]