Marilyn Manson and a Bangor Police officer engaged in a friendly mock arrest Sunday night

Not long after he finished his Sunday night set at the three-day-long Impact Music Festival at the Darling’s Waterfront Pavilion, Marilyn Manson — ever the instigator — decided to engage in a little make believe for social media.

Manson posted a short video on Instagram of a Bangor Police officer placing cuffs on him. As was revealed by Lt. Tim Cotton on the BPD’s wildly popular Facebook page, it was all joke — one that Manson himself specifically requested from Officer Curtis Grenier, who was posted backstage at the concert.

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But the cops like me…

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Cotton wrote that Manson was “merely handcuffed and released immediately thereafter,” later clarifying that Manson “asked, for the sake of fun” and “Grenier complied.” A call to the BPD on Monday afternoon asking for a little more information on the “arrest” was not returned.

Though Manson’s “arrest” was just a joke, there have been instances of Bangor Police officers arresting (for real) musicians that have performed at the Darling’s Waterfront Pavilion. Who could forget the 2012 incident that saw Ted Nugent drummer Mick Brown arrested after he drunkenly stole a golf cart after his band’s set? At the very least, you probably remember this magnificent headshot.

Mugshot of Ted Nugent’s drummer, after he was arrested for drunkenly stealing a golf cart/Courtesy Bangor PD

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