Stephen King’s ‘The Boogeyman’ to be feature film, 36 years after a Bangor native made it into a short film

Photo of Stephen King by Shane Leonard

Thirty-six years after Bangor native Jeff Schiro made a short film of Stephen King’s short story “The Boogeyman” — inadvertently spawning a whole subgenre of King films called “dollar babies” — a major film studio has grabbed the right to adapt the story to the big screen.

A number of media outlets today reported that 20th Century Fox and production company 21 Laps are closing on a deal to have the writers of this year’s horror hit “A Quiet Place,” Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, pen the script for “The Boogeyman.” 21 Laps also produces the King-inspired “Stranger Things” for Netflix.

Schiro, a Bangor native now based in Los Angeles, adapted “The Boogeyman” in 1982 as a student film while he was enrolled at New York University’s film school. Schiro asked fellow Bangor native King if he could adapt the short story, published in the 1978 collection “Night Shift,” and King said yes, selling him the rights for a dollar.

That dollar deal became the genesis for the “dollar baby” phenomenon, a unique agreement between King and up-and-coming filmmakers that allows them to make short films from his selected short stories. Hundreds of films have been made as a result, including several made by students at the New England School of Communications in Bangor.

The Bangor Daily News wrote a story about dollar babies back in December 2017.

You can license a Stephen King short story for $1, as long as you follow his rules

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