Here’s the first five official cast members playing the Loser’s Club in ‘IT: Chapter Two’

Jessica Chastain poses for a photo in Sydney, Monday, Jan. 29, 2018. (AP Photo/Rick Rycroft)

New Line Cinemas announced Wednesday evening that the first five of the seven total members of the adult version of the Loser’s Club have been cast for the sequel to “IT,” coming out in September 2019.

Ladies and gentlemen, here’s your adult Loser’s Club!

Jessica Chastain will play Beverly Marsh. This was actually announced a little while ago, so it’s not a surprise. She is, however, the perfect person to play tough, smart Bev.

As rumored, James McAvoy will play Bill Denbrough, the de facto leader of the Loser’s Club whose brother Georgie’s death at the hands (mouth, really) of Pennywise kicks off the whole story.

Bill Hader in “Barry” (John P. Johnson/HBO)

Also as rumored, Bill Hader will play Richie Tozier, the motor-mouthed sweetheart who, as an adult, is a radio DJ famous for his voices.

James Ransone, who folks may recognize from his role as Ziggy Sobotka on “The Wire,” will play hypochondriac Eddie Kaspbrak.

Andy Bean, currently starring in the HBO series “Here and Now,” will play Stan Uris.

The roles left to be filled include Mike Hanlon, the only member of the club to stay in Derry after graduating high school, and Ben Hanscom, the poetic kid who sees Pennywise in the Derry library. Returning as the titular villain will be Bill Skarsgard.

“IT: Chapter Two” comes out on Sept. 6, 2019.

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