Watch the first trailer for “Castle Rock,” the new Stephen King TV series out in 2018

In a nice little Monday morning surprise, Hulu — recent Emmy winners for Best Drama Series for “The Handmaid’s Tale” — dropped the first trailer for “Castle Rock,” the new JJ Abrams-produced 10-episode anthology series based on a number of Stephen King’s Maine-set stories. The series isn’t due to hit your TV until sometime in 2018, but here’s a nice long teaser trailer filled with lots of stuff to think about.

Lots to unpack here. Bill Skarsgard, for starters, who played Pennywise in the “IT” movie, shows up here as an as-yet unnamed character. According to IMDB, Scott Glenn (seen as Stick in Netflix’s Marvel series) plays Sheriff Alan Pangborn. Sissy Spacek (the original Carrie!) plays Ruth Deaver, and Andre Holland (“Moonlight) plays her son, Henry Deaver. There’s lots of listings for Shawshank Prison officers. In short, it looks like it’s going to be a gold mine of references for King lovers.

Once again, however, it’s worth pointing out that while “Castle Rock” is set in Maine, it was not filmed here, other than exterior shots. It was shot in Massachusetts. Sigh.

Do you plan to watch?

Emily Burnham

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