Two teams of two Mainers to appear on new season of “Alone” on History

Earlier this year, Appleton resident Zachary Fowler was announced as the winner of season three of “Alone,” a reality competition series on cable channel History, in which competitors are dropped off in the remote wilderness and asked to fend for themselves with nothing but a handful of tools and a camera to document it.

For the fourth season, which officially premieres at 10 p.m. EST on Thursday, there’s not just one Mainer on the show — there’s four. Season four will feature seven teams of two, who will compete to see who can survive the longest in the thick, wet wilderness of Northern Vancouver Island in British Columbia.

Two of those teams are all Mainer: brothers Shannon and Jesse Bosdell, both of whom grew up in Central Maine, and father and son Alex and Logan Ribar, of neighboring Waldo County towns Montville and Liberty, respectively.

Alex and Logan Ribar, both on “Alone” on History this season

According to their bios on the History website, Alex and Logan Ribar are Maine natives. Alex Ribar, 48, served in the Marine Corps, enlisting in 1991 and serving in the Gulf War. He has since worked in construction and in the propane, natural gas and oil industries, and is part way through the training necessary to become a registered Maine guide. Logan Ribar, 20, graduated from Mt. View High School two years ago, and is an experienced outdoorsman, wildlife tracker, and shelter builder, having grown up camping with his father.

Shannon (left) and Jesse Bosdell, on this season of “Alone”

Both Shannon (44) and Jesse Bosdell (31) grew up in Central Maine, where they were two of ten children growing up in a low-income family, supplementing their diet with food they hunted. Shannon Bosdell has lived in Alaska for years, currently living on Wrangell Island, where he works as a commercial fisherman and continues to hunt. Jesse Bosdell lives in Skowhegan. He spent nine years in the U.S. Army, with tours of both Iraq and Afghanistan, eventually serving as a Green Beret; he’s now finishing a degree in biomedical engineering.

In previous seasons of “Alone,” one person was dropped into the wilderness. This year, the duos will each be separated from their loved one and dropped miles apart. Each must navigate the wilderness in an attempt to locate their family member, and survive as long as they can. The participants will only have the contents of their backpacks, enough camera gear to record their experience, and ten tools split between them. Once reunited, each team must create their own shelters, find or hunt for food, and contend with often dangerous climate conditions and wildlife.

Zachary Fowler won the last season, surviving 87 days in the wilderness of Patagonia in South America. He won $500,000, and bragging rights for the longest time spent surviving in the series so far.

“Alone” airs at 10 p.m. on Thursdays on History.

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