New Stephen King/Owen King collaborative novel, “Sleeping Beauties,” also to become TV series

Cover art for the upcoming Stephen and Owen King book “Sleeping Beauties”

The new book “Sleeping Beauties,” a collaboration between Stephen King and his son, fellow novelist Owen King, isn’t even due out until Sept. 26, but the rights to it have already been picked up for its eventual development as a TV series.

Production company Anonymous Content, which has produced TV shows like “Mr. Robot” and “The OA” and movies like “Spotlight” and “The Revenant,” nabbed the rights to the novel, the first father-son collaboration for horror master King and his son, Owen. There’s no word on when or on what network the TV series will appear, but it’s safe to say it’ll be well after “Sleeping Beauties” is published this fall.

The story is set in a small Appalachian town. The women of the town all mysteriously go to sleep, growing an odd, gauze-like material, with their minds transported to another place. If they are disturbed or otherwise awakened, the women go completely, violently bonkers. The men are left to their own devices in the town, though one woman, Evie, is left awake. Sure sounds like something the King family would come up with, doesn’t it?

Owen King has published two full-length books, “We’re All In This Together” and “Double Feature.” He is a 1995 graduate of Bangor High School.

He’s not the only King spawn to have a successful writing career: older son Joe Hill has published four novels and short story collections and has written for countless graphic novels. Owen King and Hill are also developing their original feature script “Fade Away” as a TV series.

Emily Burnham

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