Take a trip into the past – what you can remember of it, that is – with these defunct Bangor bar coasters

Rick Haney, creator of the Ghosts of Bangor calendar depicting images of historic Bangor against modern-day Bangor, hasn’t stopped at simply selling the calendars. He’s expanded the offerings on his site, ghostsfobangor.com, to highlight some more recent parts of Bangor’s past: it’s once popular, but now closed, bars and taverns, via a series of ceramic coasters now on sale.

PHoto courtesy Rick Haney/Ghosts of Bangor

Photo courtesy Rick Haney/Ghosts of Bangor

Haney has highlighted four long-defunct bars and eating and drinking establishments: Killarney’s, the Bounty Tavern, Pilot’s Grill and Finnegan’s Pub.

Killarney’s and the Bounty were both housed within the long-demolished Holiday Inn on Main Street in Bangor; Killarney’s was a bar and lounge, while the Bounty was a popular dance club through much of the 1980s and 90s (you can see a breathtakingly 80s video of the club on this blog post from 2016). Pilot’s Grill was, of course, the popular restaurant and bar near Bangor International Airport that closed in the early 2000s. And Finnegan’s Pub was located on Franklin Street in downtown, in the building across the street from the Penobscot County Sheriff’s Department building.

The initial line of coasters are all done by Haney himself in limited quantities. He hopes to unveil another line of bar and restaurants coasters later this year, with four more long-gone establishments to be decided. Haney also sells t-shirts featuring Skate Scene, another defunct Bangor business.

What bar or other business would you want to have a coaster or t-shirt commemorating?

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