Explicit language alert: Watch the new video from O’Chang Comics, buddy

I’m not 100 percent certain, but I’m pretty sure that the above video might contain the filthiest language ever posted on a Bangor Daily News blog. Top five, at the very least. If you’re offended by lots of swear words, don’t watch.

O’Chang Comics, creators of viral Maine videos like the Temp Tales series and popularizers of such Maine phrases as “BRAAAAAAAP!” and “WHAAAB WHAAAB!” and “Drink what-evah!” and whatever was said by former gubernatorial candidate Green Bud Kelly, last week released “Toddy,” a music video for the song of the same name. The singer of the song — the aforementioned Green Bud Kelly, along with his backing band the Villains, a.k.a. Eric Green, Lawton Mann and Jason Mitchell — recounts his tale of revenge against a guy who scratched his truck. It’s the most Mainer song ever.

It’s also a song that’s been around for nearly a decade, first appearing on YouTube in 2007 and gaining viral appeal for years afterward. It wasn’t until 2009 that the song’s writer was revealed: Bill Mayo, a Waterville native who later moved to New York City, and who in a 2009 interview with the Portland Phoenix said the inspiration for the song came from a summer spent working construction, entertaining himself with a thick Maine accent. “Toddy” is a natural fit for O’Chang, in that case.


Emily Burnham

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