Bangor musician proposes to his girlfriend with a song — performed live at a downtown bar

If the above video doesn’t make you smile, you might need an attitude check.

Shot by Bangor resident Nick Renfro, the video shows local musician Jay Cochran — drummer for Maine metal bands Hessian and Holy Filth, though clearly he’s also a pretty good guitarist and singer — proposing to his girlfriend, Kimberly, with a song. Cochran and Patterson and a big group of their friends were at the Tuesday open mic night at Paddy Murphy’s in downtown Bangor when the performance went down.

The song in question is lifted from the Adam Sandler film “The Wedding Singer.”

“Kimberly and I have been together almost seven years. I’ve wanted to propose for almost two years and I’ve been in love with that song and movie since it came out,” said Cochran. “I’ve been playing this proposal exactly that way in my head for almost two years.”

Cochran was on tour with his band earlier this year when he got up the gumption to actually do it.

“I was on tour with Hessian and we were waiting overnight in an airport, sleeping on a bench, when I decided this is it. I’m getting a ring and proposing,” said Cochran. “I got her and my friends in on it. She had no idea! I’m in heaven right now.”
Jay Cochran and his now fiancee, Kimberly, moments after he proposed to her.

Jay Cochran and his now fiancee, Kimberly, moments after he proposed to her.

Here’s the original version of the song, as performed by Adam Sandler in “The Wedding Singer” (with some help from Billy Idol).

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