“Game of Thrones” vs. Stephen King: The results are in, and they’re surprising

Last week, we asked you, dear readers, to make some tough decisions. To choose, between two characters that you, as Stephen King and/or George R.R. Martin fans, love one or both of. We know it was hard. We know it was even harder considering the fact that the season finale of “Game of Thrones” aired last night (Sunday), and the major plot advancements that occurred likely changed your opinions about a few characters. No spoilers, but holy cow. There were some pretty explosive events.

But no matter: you voted, and we said that on Monday we’d reveal the winners after five days of voting. Overall, the polls received an average of about 280 voters — though voting is still open, so it could change eventually. Nevertheless, here they are: your winners from the Stephen King vs. George R.R. Martin tournament of champions.

Roland Deschain vs. Jon Snow

1The winner: Jon Snow (166 votes for Jon vs. 140 for Roland Deschain) A tough one. Roland may be forever reincarnated to seek The Dark Tower, but Jon Snow is the prince that was promised. Or so they say.




hodor johnJohn Coffey vs. Hodor

The winner John Coffey (183 votes for Coffey vs. 109 for Hodor). Both are gentle giants, and Hodor certainly acted heroically, but John Coffey is a psychic healer. Probably would come in handy in Westeros.


jake aryaJake Chambers vs. Arya Stark

The winner: Arya Stark (221 votes for Arya vs. 64 for Jake). Judging by body count alone, the young Lady Stark is no one you’d ever want to mess with. Maybe with his full ka-tet Jake could take her on. Maybe.


danny branDanny Torrance vs. Bran Stark

The winner: Danny Torrance (144 votes for Danny vs. 137 for Bran). A close one, but Danny just edges out Bran. After all, Danny didn’t accidentally alert the Night King to his presence. Oh, kids.


pennywise night kingPennywise vs. The Night King

The winner: Pennywise (153 votes for Pennywise vs. 134 for the Night King). The ancient evil that lives beneath Derry exists beyond time and space. The Night King is a scary ice zombie. Tomato/tomato.


callahan jorahFather Callahan vs. Jorah Mormont

The winner: Jorah Mormont (150 for Jorah vs. 120 for Callahan). I mean, did you see Jorah fight in the slave pits? Also, way less alcoholism.



annie ramsayAnnie Wilkes vs. Ramsay Bolton

The winner: Ramsay Bolton (188 for Ramsay vs. 93 for Annie Wilkes). This was a tough one, but in the end, Theon’s torturer and terrorizer-in-chief of the north ended up on top. Not on the show, but whatever.


carrie danyCarrie White vs. Daenerys Targaryen

The winner: Daenerys Targaryen (160 votes for Dany vs. 113 for Carrie). Another tough one, but the Mother of Dragons/Breaker of Chains will conquer the world. Carrie conquered high school. They’d be quite a team though!


eddie tyrionEddie Dean vs. Tyrion Lannister

The winner: Tyrion Lannister (203 votes for Tyrion vs. 86 for Eddie). Sorry, Eddie, but the Imp is everybody’s favorite.



leland jaqenLeland Gaunt vs. Jaqen H’ghar

The winner: A TIE! A literal tie, with 131 votes each. Hard to choose between two such mysterious and deadly men.




margaret unellaMargaret White vs. Septa Unella

The winner: Margaret White (177 votes for Margaret vs. 80 for the Septa). Both have plenty of shame to spread around, but Carrie’s mom is seriously evil.



kurt walderKurt Barlow vs. Walder Frey

The winner: Kurt Barlow (179 for Kurt vs. 76 for Walder). You can’t really argue with an immortal vampire. And Walder Frey just sucks.



jack jaimeJack Torrance vs. Jamie Lannister

The winner: Jack Torrance (136 for Jack vs. 127 for Jamie). I mean, both will come after you with sharp objects.




wendy sansaWendy Torrance vs. Sansa Stark

The winner: Sansa Stark. (200 for Sansa vs. 79 for Wendy). No question here, really. Lady Stark is owning it right now.



dick ravenDick Hallorann vs. The Three-Eyed Raven

The winner: Dick Hallorann (138 for Dick vs. 111 for the Raven). For starters, Dick Hallorann is not permanently grown into a tree. He’s also not played by Scatman Crothers.


billy wolfBilly-bumblers vs. Direwolves

The winner: Direwolves (201 for wolves vs. 60 for bumblers). Sorry, Oy. You’re cute and all, and very helpful, but Ghost is a warrior. And Nymeria is out there somewhere.


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