Who survives the Stephen King/”Game of Thrones” tournament of champions?

Last week, Bangor’s favorite son and publishing superstar Stephen King, and George R.R. Martin, creator of “A Song of Ice and Fire” upon which the HBO juggernaut “Game of Thrones” is based, met in a literary tete-a-tete in New Mexico, as part of King’s latest book tour.

That meeting got us thinking: how do characters from “A Song of Ice and Fire” and “Game of Thrones” stack up to the many varied characters in King’s often interconnected books and larger universe? Who would you pit against whom? How are they similar? How are they different?

To that end, we came up with a far-from-exhaustive showdown between characters from Martin’s books and from the TV series, and from various King books and movies, including The Dark Tower series, “The Shining,” “Misery,” “Pet Sematery,” “It,” “‘Salem’s Lot,” “Needful Things,” “Carrie” and “The Green Mile.” Here, dear reader, do we ask you to choose: which character do you prefer in each of these matchups?

Obviously, this list is not perfect — some comparisons are better than others, and there are some that I’m sure some of you will vehemently disagree with (I, for one, vastly prefer the book Wendy from “The Shining” to the movie one — Emily). That’s fine! Tell us why in the comments. If you can find a good analog for either Cersei Lannister or Randall Flagg, please say so.

We’ll reveal the winners in these matchups on Monday, June 27, the day after the season finale of season six of “Game of Thrones.” For now: get voting!

Valar morghulis. Thankee, sai.

1Destined to lead, destined to fight, somehow still alive.




gage joffAwful little children who want to kill you.



hodor johnGentle giants who save the day.



jake aryaThough they be small, they are mighty.




danny branOh, the things these kids have seen.




pennywise night kingAn ancient evil stirs. Winter is coming.




callahan jorahYou did some things you regret, but you’ll atone for your sins.



annie ramsayPeople who torture people are the worst people in the world.



carrie danyFire and blood, in every sense of the word.



eddie tyrionFunny and smart, substance abuse problems, rises to the occasion.



leland jaqenBest not to step inside their shop/house and ask for anything.



margaret unellaReligious fundamentalists! They’re the worst!



kurt walderCreepy old men that can’t be trusted.




jack jaimeJust trying to do the right thing, though has demons to fight.



wendy sansaThey’ve been through hell, but they learn to fight.



dick ravenShining, warging, seeing into the past… tomato/tomato.



billy wolfJust depends on what kind of furry sidekick you’d prefer!




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