Bangor artist Chris Peary creates ‘Detritus,’ journal of art, culture and comics

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Bangor artist Chris Peary will launch issue two of Detritus, the journal of arts, culture and comics he curates. Issue two will be released on Thursday, June 12, with an official unveiling set for 5:30 p.m. at the Rock & Art Shop on Central Street in downtown Bangor.

Copies of the magazine can be purchased at the opening, or by sending a check for $9 plus your address to Detritus, 31 Central St, Suite 315, Bangor, ME, 04401.

Peary’s work has been exhibited at the University of Maine, the Bangor Public Library and the Center for Maine Contemporary Art in Rockport. His comics are the centerpiece of the magazine. As he describes them, they are teenage girl slice-of-life stories and cosmic musings that take place within the context of contemporary America, as well as in the distant past of 1999.

Also included in this issue of Detritus is the long form essay “Me & Steve (A Memoir of the Writing Life in Maine),” in which author Dana Wilde reflects on the elliptical orbits he and another prominent Maine author have traveled over the years, and the points where those orbits have crossed – sometimes blurring the lines between dream-reality and waking-reality.

Artist Amy Gagnon creates a detailed world to explore in her touchingly rendered visual travelogue-dream-diary of warmer times in the South Pacific. Adam Wyatt Lacher’s office stationary drawings work toward reconciling the need to create art and the requirement to earn a living. Finally, author, blogger and world traveler Eryk Salvaggio faces loneliness, language barriers and the question of when it’s culturally appropriate to buy crying Japanese schoolgirls ice cream.

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