Deluxe reissues of Stephen King classics including “Carrie,” “It,” to be published later this year

Cover art for "Carrie" by artist Tomislav Tikulin

Cover art for “Carrie” by artist Tomislav Tikulin

Cemetery Dance, a specialty publishing house for horror and suspense books, announced on Monday that they will publish six exclusive deluxe reissues of classic Stephen King novels from the 1970s and early 80s. The first will be a special edition of “Carrie” that will include an introduction by Stephen King, an afterword by Tabitha King and six color paintings by sci-fi, fantasy and comic book illustrator Tomislav Tikulin. A pre-sale is already available on the Cemetery Dance website.

The other five books included in the deluxe reissue series include “‘Salem’s Lot,” “The Shining,” “Night Shift,” “The Stand” and “Pet Sematery.” “Carrie” will be released this fall, and other volumes in this series will follow approximately every six months after that and several acclaimed artists are already creating art for these books. These special editions will feature oversize design and heavy paper, with exclusive bonus features such as introductions, afterwords, artwork, and even deleted material in some cases. There will be no reprints of any of these special editions, so once the pre-sale is sold out, the books will not be available any longer.

Cemetery Dance has also published deluxe issues of more recent King books, including “From a Buick 8,” “Doctor Sleep” and “It.” For more information, visit

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