Four Maine electronic music acts to watch out for in 2014

Electronic music comes and goes in wave of popularity, and currently, it’s clearly continuing in the upward swing it’s been on for several years now. There are plenty of DJs in Maine, some that have been at it for years, other who have more recently come onto the scene. Here’s a short list of some of the coolest ones currently operating, most of whom are fairly fresh-faced — a list by no means exhaustive, by no means exclusionary. Just good stuff, from some up and coming talents.

ofthetreesOf The Trees

Maybe the most successful DJ also making original music in Maine currently, Of The Trees, a.k.a. 23-year-old Tyler Coombs, has opened for the likes of Zed’s Dead and RJD2, has released two EPs (“Threshold” in fall 2012 and “Vacationland” in fall 2013), and has toured all over the country and been featured at clubs all over the state. He’s associated with the Carbon Vapor crew, which have been bringing great DJs to Maine for several years now. The primary ingredient in Of The Trees’ sound is bass — big, heavy, thick bass, drawing from hip hop and downtempo to create a satisfyingly heavy sound, though one not without its melodic elements. It sounds as good on the dance floor as it does in your headphones.


A darker, more frenetic sound is created by Undrig, a Lewiston-based producer and DJ who recalls the experimental early days of rave culture, exemplified by Skinny Puppy or the Future Sound of London. Undrig’s sound is seductive, hypnotic and complex — he’s been at it for more than ten years, though now he focuses mostly on his radio show, Sine Language Sessions, hosted on from 10 p.m. to midnight on Sundays.


Yet another DJ based in Lewiston, Noremac is a true crowd pleaser — drum and bass, dubstep, electro house, whatever suits his fancy — if it’s high energy, Noremac, a.k.a. Cameron Ingraham, is selling it in spades. His Soundcloud page features both his original tracks and a number of remixes, which are accessible, well-structured and a whole lot of fun. He’s seen out and about frequently, everywhere from Flask Lounge in Portland to Tantrum in Bangor. Live is where his music shines.


A relative newcomer on the scene, Feels is based in Portland and is comprised of DJs BK and Aache. The duo is a part of The Whiskey Club, an electronic music collective co-founded by Tyler Coombs of Of The Trees and Gater, another up and coming Portland DJ. Feels makes some exceptionally happy music — check out the recently released single “Walk A Mile,” which combines some sweet 80s synths with house beats. It’s out just in time for the weather to heat up. This will sounds fantastic in your car. If you like either Ratatat, the more upbeat parts of Toro Y Moi, or mid-period Daft Punk, this is for you.

Emily Burnham

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