Charlie Longo knows who you are: BRCC Awards video pokes fun at BDN commenters

longoAren’t you at least a little bit curious about the identity of the people who comment on the Bangor Daily News website? Who are these people? Are they people you know? What’s the deal?

Well, even if you’re not all that curious, former city councilor Charlie Longo is. In a video produced by Sutherland and Weston Communications for the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce Awards, held Wednesday night at the Cross Insurance Center, it’s suggested that Longo knows the true identity of those commenters, and in fact can tell who they are by their usernames — some prominent people in the community are hiding behind their BDN aliases, Longo claims.

Longo’s cameo starts at the 1:40 mark. He’s an incredibly good sport about the whole thing — and it’s pretty funny, to boot.

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Emily Burnham

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