“Beneath the Harvest Sky” to see 2014 national release; Gaudet and Pullapilly named directors to watch

beneath“Beneath the Harvest Sky,” the follow-up feature to Aron Gaudet and Gita Pullapilly’s documentary about the Maine Troop Greeters, “The Way We Get By,” has been picked up for national distribution by Tribeca Films. Gaudet and Pullapilly were also named last week to Variety Magazine’s “10 Directors To Watch List.”

“Beneath the Harvest Sky” was filmed in Aroostook County in 2012, and had its world premiere in September at the Toronto International Film Festival. It starts Aiden Gillian (“Game of Thrones”), Callen McAuliffe (“The Great Gatsby”) and Emory Cohen (Tv’s “Smash”) and tells a coming of age story, mixed with a drama about drug-dealing.

“Since the world premiere in September, we were fortunate to have Tribeca Films come on board to distribute the film,” said Pullapilly. “They have a strong marketing and distribution plan in place for the film so that people in Maine and nationally will have a chance to see the film sometime next year.”

Gaudet and Pullapilly received positive reviews from critics at the Toronto International Film Festival, one of the most prestigious film festivals in the world.

“We were so proud to have so many Maine supporters attend the festival and get a chance to see how an international audience responds to this very specific, real and authentic Maine story,” said Gaudet. “The response was fantastic and it was amazing to see how the film was championed at such a prestigious festival.”

Emily Burnham

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