Animal Planet’s “Finding Bigfoot” not coming to Maine, but welcomes leads on Sasquatch sightings

No Bigfoot in Maine… yet.

Over the weekend country radio station Q106.5 FM made a blog post saying that Matt Moneymaker, one of the lead cast members of the Animal Planet TV show “Finding Bigfoot,” had posted a message on Craigslist looking for Mainers in the Richmond area who may have spotted Bigfoot. They did not link to the Craigslist post, but I found the listing on my own, through the magic of Google.

My esteemed colleague Seth Koenig, our Portland reporter, passed along Moneymaker’s contact info, so I gave the Bigfoot searcher a ring, and asked him if he was, in fact, planning to bring his TV show to Maine and host a “Bigfoot and Beer” town hall, looking for those who may have encountered the hairy man-beast. Moneymaker very kindly said that no, “Finding Bigfoot” had no plans to come to Maine, and that the Craigslist post is a hoax. He had no idea who actually posted it, but he assured me that right now, they will not be filming an episode in Maine.

He also said it’s not the first time someone has gone on Craigslist and claimed to be him, looking for Bigfoot spotters.

“Oh yeah, it’s happened in lots of places,” said Moneymaker, who has now filmed four seasons of his Animal Planet program. “I don’t think it’s the same person each time, but I feel bad if people reply to these Craigslist posts thinking they’re talking to me, and it’s really just some stranger.”

The Bigfoot hoax comes on the same day as the widely circulated blog post claiming that AMC’s “The Walking Dead” would be coming to Maine to film an episode. Our business reporter, Whit Richardson, has already debunked the post, as the Maine-based blog, “The Return of the Modern Philosopher,” posts parody articles online, in the style of “The Onion.” It also comes on the same day as outdoors writer John Holyoke’s wildly popular post about a mystery beast appearing on a trail cam.
Moneymaker — clearly no stranger to zoological mysteries — said he’s not surprised news items about Bigfoot and mystery beasts carry such fascination for readers.
“It goes right to the core,” said Monkeymaker. “The most ancient news there ever was was if there was a wild beast in the area. It really hits the lizard brain, basic level of reaction.”
As for “Finding Bigfoot” coming to Maine, Moneymaker said he’d love to bring his crew up to the Pine Tree State — but he needs more witnesses to come forward with their Bigfoot sightings. Have you seen Bigfoot in Maine? Let us know, and maybe we actually CAN bring the show up north. The most recent Maine Bigfoot sighting was in March 2010, when a giant footprint was spotted in Leeds, in Oxford County.
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