Real Maine Wedding of the Year couple drops out, gives prize to Kennebunk couple

Caroline Currie and Jenna Eagleton, the couple that won the 2013 Real Maine Wedding of the Year competition, announced Friday that they were dropping out of the competition and were giving their prize to another couple, Tiffany Vasquez and Patrick Jones of Kennebunk. The contest is sponsored by Real Maine Weddings magazine, and the winner receives a complete wedding package worth $100,000, covering everything from the dress to the flowers, the food to the venue.

Currie and Eagleton, the first same-sex couple to win the competition, said their reason for stepping down was that Currie’s father, who has long been ill with leukimia, had recently taken a turn for  the worse, and they wished to focus solely on their family.

“Thank you so much for the opportunity—we are so sad to have to step down,” Caroline says. “You have all been such a pleasure to meet and work with. The new winning couple has no idea what kind of excitement they are in for and we are very happy that they can have this opportunity in our stead. Thank you again for your understanding.”

According to a post on the Real Maine Weddings blog, contest organizer Melanie Brooks said the vendors and the public vote were reviewed, and the decision was made to give the prize to Vasquez and Jones.

“Upon review of the public and vendor vote for the final three couples, Tiffany Vasquez and Patrick Jones of Kennebunk, have been chosen as the winners of the 2013 contest,” Brooks wrote in the post. “We are very excited to begin the wedding planning process with this wonderful couple and can’t wait to share more information with you once we get the ball rolling!”

The Kennebunk couple met aboard the Celebrity Equinox, a cruise ship where they both are employed. Tiffany graduated from the University of Florida and Patrick graduated from Maine Maritime Academy and their professions eventually aligned. Tiffany put in a repair request for a door to be fixed aboard the ship and Patrick who was assigning jobs to ship technicians kept Tiffany’s repair request rather than doling out the duty. Patrick met with Tiffany to fix the problem, and the couple hit it off.

“We’re really excited to have this huge opportunity. It’s amazing to be able to marry in Kennebunkport. It’s the first place I told Patrick I loved him. It will be a great feeling to be able to say our ‘I do’s’ there.” said Tiffany Vasquez. “Patrick and I wish Caroline and Jenna nothing but the best. Their family will be in our thoughts and prayers.”

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