Bangor High wins top honors at Class A Maine Drama Festival finals

Bangor High School took home top honors for Class A at the Maine Drama Festival this weekend, while Yarmouth High School won first place for Class B. Bangor High’s production of the one-act play “Hush Little Celia, Don’t Say a Word” was judged to be the overall best performance of the Class A festival, while Yarmouth’s “The Secret in the Wings” was placed at the top for Class B.

Bangor also won special commendations for ensemble movement and lighting design, while actors Brennan MacDonald, Jacquie Palmer, Logan Tripp and Malik Robinson were named to All-Festival Cast. Yarmouth actors Jack Clayton, Nicole Hoehle and Harry Munroe were All Festival Cast, and the cast and crew also won ensemble and production unity commendations. Second place for Class A was Oceanside High School in Rockland and for Class B was Hermon High School.

The final ranking for the overall state competitions, held at Camden Hills Regional High School for Class A and Freeport High School for Class B, are below.

Class A
Final Ranking
1. Bangor
2. Oceanside
3. Falmouth
4. Westbrook
5. Belfast
6. Morse
7. Thornton Academy
8. Skowhegan
9. Fryeburg

Class B
Final Ranking
1. Yarmouth
2. Hermon
3. Mount Desert
4. Fort Kent
Waynflete (Tie)
6. Greater Portland Christian
7. Catherine McAuley
8. Lincoln Academy
9. Madison

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