Best of Maine Music 2012, an incomplete but satisfying compilation


I’ve said this plenty of times over the years, but it’s worth repeating: I feel extremely fortunate to be able to listen to and write about music in Maine, as part of my job. Hey, I spent a few hours over the course of a few nights last week listening and re-listening to albums released this year, from more than 30 different bands and artists from around the state. In my mind, that’s a pretty excellent way to spend your time. Though I’m pretty sure I would do something similar, even if it wasn’t the subject of this week’s column.

Lit on the Flash

The end result is this compilation – 22 songs released in Maine in 2012, spanning an intentionally wide array of genres, with artists from York County to Hancock County, and multiple points in between. Why? Well, first off, isn’t it nice to have a little year-end look back? A little nightcap for your year in music? And, secondly, I often feel as though it’s hard for people to get a real grasp on what’s going on in the state, musically speaking. Not everything is available at record stores, not everything gets played on the radio or reviewed somewhere, and some things fall under the radar. I know I never get to everything I want to get to, and I do this for a living, gersh dernit.

The Toughcats

So, in the hopes of sidestepping some of that, I put together this little mix. It’ll fit on a CD, should you wish to burn one, or you can just dig the mp3s on whichever music player you desire. As that kind of nerd that still makes mix CDs and tapes, I have arranged the tracks in an order that is aesthetically pleasing to me – but of course, that probably doesn’t matter to you, so you just go ahead and do whatevs.

Dominic Lavoie

Below is the track listing, including artist, song, hometown, and the album from which it was taken and the month it was released. Many thanks to the artists who allowed their work to be shared. Happy holidays, and happy new year, everyone!




DOWNLOAD: Culture Shock/ Best of Maine 2012 Compilation 

1. Theodore Treehouse – “Friendship Bracelet”
Portland – From “Theodore Treehouse,” released July 2012

2. The Toughcats – “Lovin’ a Lot”
North Haven – From “Woodenball,” released September 2012

3. Dark Hollow Bottling Company – “Wingtip Nightmare”
Portland – From “American Ghosts,” released July 2012

4. Rebel Son Rise – “Oh Baby I Love Ye”
Orono – From “Sunshine on Daemon Land,” released September 2012

5. Rustic Overtones – “Low”
Portland – From “Let’s Start a Cult,” released July 2012

6. Samuel James – “Turkish Curse”
Portland – From “And For The Dark Road Ahead,” released October 2012

7. Coke Weed – “Jimmy”
Bar Harbor – From “Nice Dreams,” released April 2012

8. The Rugged – “Moonshine”
Brooks – From “The Rugged,” released April 2012

9. This Way – “The Firelight”
Portland – From “The Story of Simon Pure,” released September 2012

10. Chris Ross – “Mostly Sober”
Ellsworth – From “Halfway to Wonderland,” released May 2012

11. Mike Billings – “Vision of Life”
Bangor – From “Re:Connect,” released July 2012

12. Spose – “Gee Willikers”
Wells – From “The Audacity!” released April 2012

13. The Other Bones – “Feels Like Home”
Portland – From “Hinges,” released May 2012

14. Sara Hallie Richardson – “It’s Not You”
Portland – From “Restless,” released January 2012

15. Sunset Hearts – “Horsie Forces”
Portland – From “Deco Tech EP,” released June 2012

16. A Severe Joy – “(Meet Me In Your) Helicopter”
Portland – From No. 2 in series of Maxi-Singles, released March 2012

17. When Particles Collide – “Straight Girls”
Bangor – From “Pop Pop Bang Bang!” released July 2012

18. Great Western Plain  – “Prayer Hair”
Portland – Exclusive track, released December 2012

19. Chamberlain – “Hank Wilson”
Bangor – From “Chamberlain EP,” released November 2012

20. Lit on the Flash – “Bad Man”
Wells – From “Lit on the Flash,” released July 2012

21. Dominic Lavoie – “Clocks of Man”
Portland – From “Sha Sha Sha,” released October 2012

22. Jeff Beam – “Hospital Patience”
Portland – From “Be Your Own Mirror,” April 2012

Emily Burnham

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