New iPhone, Android app lets Stephen King fans tour Bangor

Even a casual fan of Stephen King knows that many of the locales and landmarks in his books are set in the fictional town of Derry, which in turn is based on real places in Bangor. Though there long have been opportunities to tour Bangor’s King landmarks, like SK Tours, operated by Bangor-based King expert Stuart Tinker, there’s now an app for that – the Bangor Haunted: Stephen King’s Derry app, available for iPhone and Android.

The app was designed and launched by Brett Hiatt, a writer and developer from Melbourne, Australia and a self-described “huge fan.” He visited Maine, and Bangor, two years ago, and was inspired to develop the app after trying to find King sites in town on his own, and not having much success.

“It was difficult to find info on Stephen King and the locations where his novels were set in Bangor,” said Hiatt. “So I developed the Bangor Haunted app. My aim was to explore King’s Bangor and the darker side of Maine.”

The app, available for $1.99, offers up several views of town, from a Google map with all the locations plotted out, to an alphabetical list, with pictures and information. It’s customizable, so you can plan out your own King tour of Bangor, and in addition to just “Derry,” there’s lots more locations listed throughout the state, including a number in the Portland area.

“It’s intriguing to get this information and stand where King has set one of his novels,” said Hiatt. “As well as other Maine towns, as you drive through the state.”

Hiatt is getting ready to launch his next literary-themed app – a “Twilight” app, which he’s been doing research for in Washington and Oregon.

Emily Burnham

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