Noel Paul Stookey and BSO release collaborative album

Last summer, the Bangor Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Lucas Richman, and folk music legend Noel Paul Stookey collaborated on the orchestration for a new song, written by Stookey, titled “The Cabin Fever Waltz,” it premiered at Kingfield Pops on June 30. Now, the two have paired up again to record and release an EP of the same name, which will be released officially on Saturday, Nov. 3 at Blue Heron in downtown Bangor. The song is currently also available on iTunes.

“It was exciting and rewarding to bring so much talent together for this project,” says BSO executive director David Whitehill. “Anyone who has been through a Maine winter can certainly identify with cabin fever. The songs will really resonate not only with people today but for generations to come.”

“The Cabin Fever Waltz” refers to the time of year when Mainers — and anyone sick and tired of a long, cold winter — are climbing the walls in anticipation of spring.

“Cabin fever, you know, has two sides to it, which I touch upon. I mean, it can drive you a little batty being contained so much but our lives … it seems to me are just so busy now,” Stookey says in a recorded interview, which is one of three tracks on the CD, with Anne Mostue, an on-air reporter/producer for WGBH 89.7 FM, a National Public Radio (NPR) station in Boston, which is one of three tracks on the CD.

“You know, there’s never any downtime. We’ve always got a computer or an iPad or a cellphone to keep in touch,” Stookey continues. “So I suppose in a sense this song will also remind all of us of the value of having quiet time.”

In addition to “The Cabin Fever Waltz” and the interview, the CD includes a recording of “America The Beautiful” with both the traditional lyrics by Katharine Lee Bates and new lyrics by Stookey.

The recording was sponsored by Russ and Barb Bodwell, Tom Bjorkman and Roxanne Donahey, Robert and Molly Nagle, the Plum Creek Foundation, Kingfield POPS, and the Bangor Symphony Orchestra board of directors and staff.

This is Stookey’s first recording with the Bangor Symphony.

To attend the CD release party, contact BSO director of development Sarah McCarthy at (207) 942-5555 ext 2

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