Moles, mud and melody: Maine music video roundup

Insert obligatory comment about how MTV – MUSIC Television! – doesn’t show music videos anymore, and what a shame that is. Actually, all kidding aside, it is, in fact, a shame, because there are still a lot of intriguing, funny, well-worth-watching music videos still being made today. Even if no major TV channel will show them. In the past two weeks, three popular Maine bands have posted new videos showcasing their songs – and luckily for us, they’re all incredibly entertaining, for three very different reasons.

First up, the most recent upload. When Particles Collide, Bangor’s own power pop duo, released a music video yesterday for their song “Moles,” an infectious ode to the fine art of chemistry – penned by none other than Bangor High School chemistry teacher Sasha Alcott, off their brand new album, “Pop Pop Bang Bang.” It features some serious science, and some cameos from downtown Bangor denizens. Including one arts and culture journalists you may or may not recognize, along with her ridiculous husband. Take a look!

The day BEFORE yesterday, Maine country rockers the Mallett Brothers Band gave us their latest music video – a song called “Little Bit of Mud” off their upcoming new studio album, a self-titled disc set to be released later this year. This video was filmed at the Redneck Blank, known formerly as the Redneck Olympics, in Hebron in western Maine. Why yes, there is a lot of mud. And trucks. And charming Mallett Bros. antics. WATCH!

Finally, just two weeks ago Sara Hallie Richardson – who you probably saw featured in this week’s Rockin’ Out – released the music video for her song “What Would It Be Like.” If you missed it this Monday, you can watch this gorgeous short here. It was shot on location in Maine forests and woods, over the course of a year, by director Jeff Griecci.

Emily Burnham

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