“The Daily Show” covers the Redneck “Blank” in western Maine on Aug. 9 episode

The Redneck “Blank,” formally known as the Redneck Olympics, held each summer in the Oxford County town of Hebron, had a visit from Jason Jones of “The Daily Show” last week, who taped a segment that was shown on the Aug. 9 edition of the show.

Jones spoke with organizer Harold Brooks, who last summer was challenged legally by the United States Olympic Committee to change the name of his event, as they alleged it could be confused with the real Olympics, still being held this week in London. The U.S. Amateur Sports Act of 1978 gives the USOC exclusive rights to the word “Olympics” in the United States, and was used in 1982 to force the “Gay Olympics” to change its name to the “Gay Games.” Brooks did in fact change the name – to the Redneck “Blank” – and the event was held last weekend.

The games include events such as bobbing for pigs’ feet, toilet-seat horseshoes, lawn mower races, pickup truck dressage, a mud run and pie-eating contest. Jones and a production team promised “Olympic-style” coverage for the event. The clip contains edited-out bad language, as well as some fantastic footage of these redneck athletes demonstrating their skill at their chosen sport. Should we start the petition for toilet seat horseshoes to be a part of the 2016 Olympics now, or later?

Emily Burnham

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