Waterville teens to be featured on Katie Couric’s new syndicated show

Julia Bluhm (pictured being interviewed in New York City in the spring) and Izzy Labbe, both 14, and Maya Brown, 17, all of Waterville, gained some major media attention over the past few months with their campaign to get media outlets to offer more realistic portrayals of women and girls. They had some success, too, successfully convincing both Seventeen and Teen Vogue to stop using photoshopped pictures of models and other women.

The three girls will be filmed Wednesday for a segment of Katie Couric’s new show, “Katie,” which will premiere on Sept. 10 in syndication nationwide. They will be in New York City on Wednesday to tape their segment with Couric.

Bluhm spearheaded a campaign over the summer to get magazines to stop using pictures that are photoshopped to make models appear thinner than they actually are. Bluhm and her fellow activists believe this contributes to an extremely unrealistic standard of beauty for women and girls. A petition they started in April has garnered more than 86,000 signatures.

A date for the airing of Bluhm, Labbe and Brown’s segment has not yet been named. The three teens are members of SPARK Movement, a collective of researchers, girls’ organizations and teen girls combating the sexualization of girls in the media, co-founded by Maine organization Hardy Girls Healthy Women.

Photo courtesy of SPARK Summit

Emily Burnham

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