Catching up with Food Coma TV: Season 2

I’ve been terribly remiss in keeping you, dear readers, up to date on this season of Food Coma TV, the wildly popular Maine food travel series created by Joe Ricchio, Alex Steed and Kurt Graser. If you’re unfamiliar, think of it this way: each episode is a journey into unhinged gluttony in various towns and regions in Maine, and is buoyed along by the potty-mouthed camaraderie between Ricchio and his fabulous sidekick Joel Beauchamp. For season two, which launched two weeks ago, Ricchio and crew visited Westbrook for episode one and Hallowell for episode two. I hear tell that the FCTV folks will be visiting Eastport in the coming weeks, as well as three other hitherto undisclosed Maine locations. Here’s both new episodes of FCTV; watch and marvel at the deliciousness and hilarity available to you statewide.



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Emily Burnham

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