A curious display at Portland’s Victoria Mansion

The Victoria Mansion – the perfectly preserved mid-19th century Victorian mansion located in Portland’s Old Port – is playing host this month to a delightfully odd, curiously inventive art exhibit.

Victoria’s Wonderama brings together eight Maine artists, all of whom work within the steampunk aesthetic, to each take over a room or an area at the mansion with their creations. Steampunk – an aesthetic combining elements of sci-fi, fantasy, horror and alternate history, within a late 19th century look and feel – fits in beautifully with the ornate, lovingly preserved decor in the mansion.

Artists include Christian Matzke, Brendan Ferri, Greta Bank, Scott Peterman, Stephen Burt, David Twiss, Tom Couture and Mike Libby. The Wonderama was curated by Lisa Pixley, and it’s open 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Wednesday-Saturday at the Mansion, located on Danforth Street in Portland’s Old Port. Admission is $10.

Emily Burnham

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