Straight from the id of the Internet – 10 video favorites from 2012.

When I’m not hard at work writing about interesting stuff for all you savvy BDN readers, and I’m not otherwise engaged in more domestic or social matters, I am probably goofing off on the Internet. And I, like you, appreciate goofy videos. I watch far too many of them. It’s certainly a waste of time. The Internet is mostly a waste of time, really. But, like all things that are probably a waste of time, it’s addictive, and it’s unbelievably entertaining. Thanks to Facebook’s new timeline feature — you hate it now, but in two months you’ll forget why — I was able to go back through all of 2011 and cherry pick my favorite ridiculous YouTube videos. I narrowed it down to ten. It’s probably a little heavy on cute animals, but the Internet is made of cats. I’d love to post the Honey Badger video, but unfortunately, I believe it’s too full of profanities to make it past the BDN censors.

See? There’s a half hour of your life gone. You could have cleaned the bathroom. You could have returned the Kenny Loggins box set your Aunt Edna got you. You could have started reading Marcel Proust. But no. You’re watching videos of pugs dressed up as “Star Wars” characters. You’re welcome.




2. Michelle Bachmann Bad Lip Reading



3. Hurricane Irene in Milford, Maine (featuring Maine comedian Travis Cowing)



4. Conversations with Bert



5. Vegan Black Metal Chef



6. Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert and Taylor Hicks perform “Friday”



7. Sexy Sax Man



8. Cats With Thumbs






10. Little Brother Video Bombs Sister



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