Camden, Maine, on “The Daily Show,” among other stuff

We watch “The Daily Show” almost every night; albeit a day later because we don’t have cable, so we watch it on Hulu. While watching Monday’s episode, I noticed something that looked distinctly familiar in the background, during John Oliver’s hilarious segment on Mitt Romney’s comment on making a bet with Rick Perry, during last weekend’s Republican debate. Whatever background Oliver was standing in front of was definitely something I’d seen before. But where was it? It was totally Maine. Thankfully, my colleague and the grand poobah of the editorial pages, Tom Groening, has an eagle eye, and pointed out that the backdrop was actually a shot of downtown Camden. Neat, huh? Watch the clip above to see it. I am obligated to tell you that there’s some bad language in it.

Speaking of bad language, you know what’s really cool? The fact that Louis CK, who is bar none my favorite stand up comedian currently performing, last week released his brand new stand up special, “Live at the Beacon Theater,” exclusively online, though his website. This is instead of releasing his special through Comedy Central or HBO or a record label or something, who would charge fans considerably more money to buy it and would place all kinds of restrictions on the file itself. Louis CK charged fans a mere $5 for a DRM-free, extremely simple download. He broke even on all the costs of production — from the actual performance to setting up the website to let people download it — within a week. This is what is good about the Internet. And this is what is awesome about Louis CK. You can read his statement about the process here, and then download the show. I am obligated to tell you that there is some HORRIBLY BAD LANGUAGE IN IT, and there’s a good chance some of you will be offended by it. So be forewarned. He was also on Fresh Air on NPR last night, and it was unexpectedly moving. Louis CK is my comedy hero.

Oh, and finally, on a completely unrelated note: if you’re on Netflix streaming, you should watch “The Parking Lot Movie.” It’s a hilarious and philosophical documentary about a parking lot in Charlottesville, Virginia. It sounds boring, but I promise you, it is not. It is a love letter to menial jobs and imagination and being true to yourself. It will make your day. Watch it. If you don’t like it, you can write me back and tell me why I’m wrong. I am obligated to tell you that there’s some bad language in the movie, though it’s not really that bad.

Emily Burnham

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