Friday night Mustache Party at Paddy Murphy’s – with pics!

Paddy Murphy’s Pub had a party Friday night to celebrate the art of facial hair. Those who cultivate a beard or mustache, real or fake, were in the spotlight, showing off their Fu Manchus, handlebars, cowboys and full, luxurious beards. The soundtrack was the killer funk band Juicebox. It was a good time.

The winner with the best overall mustache was Jim Rose of Orono. Look at his glorious ‘stache!

Nicely done, Jim. Next up, the best beard category.

Sean Harper of Bangor said it only took him six weeks to grow this masterpiece of masculinity. Next, the Bearded Lady category!

Which one of these bearded ladies was the winner? It was the festive red-and-white mustache of Cara Pelletier of Bangor, pictured here with Kerrie Beckett, also of Bangor. And finally, for the category of most creative…

Heather Small of Bangor, with her golden Hulk Hogan ‘stache… actually two tiny ponytails pulled up in her face. Kudos!

There were lots of other memorable ‘staches and beards besides the winners, though. Check the one out, for starters.

Bill Champlin of Bangor very well may have had the best Fu Manchu of the night.

Which one is real and which one is fake? Paddy’s manager Andy Day and Paddy’s bouncer Andy Hurtt, both of Bangor.

Paddy’s staff member Meghan Black sported quite the beard. It appears all the staff members got into the spirit, especially…

Paddy’s bartender Chris Rudolph clearly took it very seriously — even if staff was ineligible.

Michael Morton of Brewer said his red hair gave him a unique, pirate-y edge.

Jen Ghergia took the phrase “go big or go home” to heart.

Jim Zabierek of Old Town believes his facial hair gives him rock power, for his band Mellow Endeavor (who play Saturday night at Nocturem!)

Tony Sohns of Bangor meant business.

Gordon Provost of Bangor also means business.

Juicebox was rockin’, and bass player Brad O’Brien had a doozy of a ‘stache…

Emily Burnham

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